Month: June 2016

Class Links

Facebook Groups

Finnish Iron Age Facebook group– Do Join. All your questions shall be answered. They also have a large number of papers and journal articles loaded in the File section.
SCA Baltic Facebook group– Baltic has lots of crossover with Finnish

Useful Info 101

Underdress Pattern– Uses very little fabric
Underdress Pattern if you don’t like Pinterest. Also a Blog Post – Requires Google Translate or somesuch
Informational Site on Finnish GarbĀ 
– Lots of helpful info for garb making


Coiling Gizmo– For making coils with
Red Brass wire- Also for making coils with. – About $30/meter (132cm wide) plus shipping from Czech Rep
Handwoven Wool by Savelyeva Ekaterina– About $45/meter (150cm wide) plus shipping from Moscow plus 10% if you use PayPal
Cheap Bear Claw– $11.82 for FIVE of them (he also offers singles or larger sets at various prices)
Museum Replica Bear Claw– $15 per each
Applesies and Fox Noses– A book with Finnish Iron Age tablet weaving patterns

Youtube Tutorials for Fingerloop Braiding

2-loop Fingerloop Braid – For narrow braid, such as for interior coilwork
3-Loop Fingerloop Braid– For outside coilwork
3-Loop Part 2
5-Loop Fingerloop (Wide, Flat) Braid– For things like head wraps


Note: Right-clicking on Chrome will open up a box with a “Translate” option

Mervi Pasanen– (She also does European stuff. “Vanhemmat tekstit” takes you to the next page) She is the expert that most spreads information to English-speaking SCAdians. Finnish garb Laurel. Co-author of Applesies and Fox Noses.

Olof Trollkona– Very nice stuff! Particularly good replica of Pernio headdress (both the inaccurate and accurate versions)

Dawn’s Dress Diary– English and has very useful information about the HOW of the process

(often from museums and containing full-color photos of artifacts)

Note: Pdf’s in other languages can be translated by going to and clicking on “Translate a document”

Ancient Finnish Clothing– (English) Comprehensive look at early reconstructions of Finnish clothing. Long.

Prehistoric Eura– (English) About the sites and attractions around Eura.

Estonian Grave Goods– (Estonian) Lots of detailed color photos of grave goods
Estonian Grave Good Part 2
Estonian Grave Good Part 3

Other YouTube

Iron Age Textile Process– (4:44) No words. Shows process of making textile from wool using Iron Age Techniques

Hammerum Girl Dress– (8:30) Shows and describes process of making recreation of the Hammerum Girl dress